effluent sterilizer sterilization


effluent treatment, effluent decontamination, effluent sterilizer, effluent sterilisation

effluent sterilizerWe produce sewage sterilizers L500S with a flow rate of up to to 30 liters per hour.
Also referred to as:

  • washing water / sludge autoclave
  • sewage / sludge sterilizer
  • sewage / sludge disinfector
  • effluent steriliser
  • effluent disinfector
  • effluent decontamination
  • effluent sterilisation
  • effluent sterilizer

Design features: steam heated sterilizing vessel, built-in-steam generator, CIP system for the sterilizing vessel, PLC operated sterilization programs, throughput rate 580 liter/24 hours (121° C, 20 minutes sterilization time).

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effluent sterilization
effluent decontamination
effluent disinfector