Lugitsch-Strasser GmbH is providing a wide range of service, maintenance validation activities for medical apparatus and equipment as:

- Large capacity sterilizer
- Sterilizer
- Steam generator
- Sewage sterilizer
- Wash water sterilizer / washwater sterilizer
- Washers and desinfectors
- Bedpan washer
- Waste water sterilizer / wastewater sterilizer
- Effluent sterilizer


As a licensed company for electrical engineering we carry out inspections and security checks on electrical devices according to the appropriate European standards.


Hygiene checks, thermoelectric measurements and validations according to ÖNORM EN 285, ÖNORM EN 13060, DIN EN 554, DIN EN ISO 15883 part 1 and 3 or DIN EN ISO 17665-1 according to the Medical Devices Act to:

- Sterilizer

- bedpan washer

- Washers and desinfectors


pressure tests
Preparation for water pressure test (internal main inspection) on sterilizer, autoclave, steam generator and pressure vessel to be tested.


Licensed electrical company

Inspection of electrical equipment according to ÖVE-ÖNORM-E-8701 as well as electrical system and electrical installation of all kinds according to ÖVE / ÖNORM E 8001-1 and ÖVE / ÖNORM E 8007.


Safety check

Recurring inspection (technical safety inspection STK, metrological control MTK) according to ÖVE-ÖNORM EN 62353 on all medical devices.

Two of our technicians work in 6 states as Technical Safety Officers (TSB).


Checking sphygmomanometers according to ÖMORM EN 1060


Checking pedal bike ergometer