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Welcome to LUGITSCH-STRASSER Medical Technology!

Thank you for your interest! Here you will find information about sterilizer, steam sterilizer, cleaning and disinfection appliance, waste water sterilizer (also known as wastewater autoclave, washing water sterilizer, washing water autoclave, washing water disinfector, wastewater disinfector, wastewater sterilizer) and bedpan washer (sales, repair and maintenance).

Furthermore, we offer technical safety check, hygienic test or thermoelectric measurement as well as validation.

Sicherheitsdatenblatt Getinge Clean Universal Detergent
Typ: pdf, Größe: 428,00 Kb Download

Sicherheitsdatenblatt Getinge Enzymatic Detergent
Typ: pdf, Größe: 503,17 Kb Download

Sicherheitsdatenblatt Getinge Clean Rinse Aid
Typ: pdf, Größe: 429,55 Kb Download

Sicherheitsdatenblatt Calligator 2014
Typ: pdf, Größe: 434,57 Kb Download

Sicherheitsdatenblatt neodisher special plus 141002
Typ: pdf, Größe: 826,22 Kb Download

Zertifikat ISO 9001:2015 gültig bis 200331
Typ: pdf, Größe: 68,00 Kb Download

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 valid until 200331
Typ: pdf, Größe: 66,32 Kb Download

Medical Technology

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